Chef Snipe

"Enjoying the Elegance of Superb Cuisine In-Home”


Part I: The Beginning

As a husband, father, and Army Veteran born and raised in Landover, MD, Chef Rick Snipe was intrigued by the art of fine cuisine at a young age.  He was first captivated by his grandfather who would prepare dishes comprised of classic French to Southern comfort food.  At the age of 10, his grandfather released the reigns and allowed young Rick to prepare dishes of his own, which would contribute to the development of Chef Snipe's heartfelt passion for culinary arts and constant strive from improvement.

Part II: Mastering Perfection

Chef Snipe is currently pursuing his BA in Hospitality Management at Stratford University.  He is also a member of the American Culinary Federation and is a certified ServSafe food handler.  In the US Army, he demonstrates the same professionalism as a Drill Sergeant bearing concentrated discipline in the culinary field.  Chef Snipe's ultimate goal is to deliver a memorable experience to each client served.