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I do want to say now (and feel free to share this if you'd like) that the Creme Brulee cheesecake is one of the two best cheesecakes I have ever had. The other was at Babbo in New York City...and I never thought anything would come close again--but yours is at least as good! I couldn't wait to get home every night just to have another piece and raved to everyone about it. We've been looking for an excuse to get another one since then, and a department potluck became the perfect excuse. We're excited to try the Peach Melba, too, but I'm pretty sure the Creme Brulee will still be my favorite! 

Amy K. (May 2017)

Min Dinns & Cheesecake

The food prepared by Chef Snipe appears simple, but the flavors have remarkable depth. The ingredients are all from local fresh markets in the area. The creative combinations he puts together are things one wouldn't think would go together but once you taste it, you completely understand. I am a loyal customer and look forward to finding out what he will be preparing next.

P.S. The cheesecake is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!

Cara C. (April 2017)


Military Retirement

Heard of Chef Snipe's work through a friend and was inspired to work with him based on the great reviews. I could have not made a better choice. My former bosses retirement ceremony was a highly talked about Pentagon event in part due to the great food Chef Snipe prepared. The flavors and quality of the ingredients were AMAZING. The 'icing on this cake' is that Chef Snipe is a consummate professional who knows his craft and is very easy and pleasurable to work with.

Birthday Party

There was no question that I'd use Chef Snipe to cater my birthday happy hour. They presentation was impeccable and everyone participating in my event and even passersby were impressed with his work. My guest always expect any event I coordinate to have GREAT food. Chef Snipe's bold flavors and fresh ingredients elevates one's food experience. Each small bite had all of us craving and wanting more until it was all gone. As predicted, the mountain of food went fast and I found myself ordering more food on the spot. Chef Snipe is one of the best. Trust him in making your event a success!


-Paul P.

(March 2017)

Cheesecake Order -

Believe it or not, I was tired after the holidays and had a dinner party to attend prior to New Year's. I was fortunate to come across Chef Snipe, who came to my rescue when I was searching for cheesecakes. I immediately ordered a custom strawberry cheesecake when Chef Snipe had an available opening for orders. My husband has a gluten allergy, and Chef Snipe made modifications to the order to make the cheesecake according to the diet restriction. The cheesecake not only was beautiful in presentation, but was one of the best I have ever had. All of our guests said the cheesecake was phenomenal. Chef Snipe is one of the most prestigious, professional chefs I have encountered. I truly look forward to future orders! 

-Elisa S. 

(December 2016)

 Cheesecake Order -

I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman not too long ago. In conversation I found out he was a chef. We exchanged information and I showed his work to my wife.  She IMMEDIATELY wanted a cheesecake. We placed an order which was very simple and user friendly.  She wanted the traditional cheesecake with the strawberry hearts and reminded me of the sweet potato cheesecake that I've only had at one place that is no longer in business. So of course we ordered them both.

    Though not on his menu at the time, he obliged and made mines to order, delivered them himself and the pictures and videos do them no justice. They were beautiful and you could tell they were carefully crafted. Once he delivered them, there was no hesitation at all in tearing into them.

     They were more than delicious and tasted better than they looked. The consistency, the phenomenal flavor and richness is second to none!! If you haven't had one of his creations, you have not yet lived.

     Thank you Chef Snipe for letting us in on your God given talent. This is our first of many orders.


LaQuintin & Chimere Jackson

(December 2016)

35th Birthday Celebration -

Chef Snipe is awesome. From planning to execution his services were far beyond what I could have imagined. From the brief description I provided of what I wanted he was able construct the exact menu I wanted. Most impressive is he does a 1 on 1 consultation that is detailed and concise of what he can provide. I will definitely use him for future events.

-Deitric S.

(November 2016)

 Mother's Day Dinner -

I was pleasantly surprised this past Mother’s day weekend with the exquisite services of Chef Snipe. From start to finish the experience was far beyond what I could have expected! With the delicate selection of scallops, lamb and Filet Mignon I have to admit I did not expect such a flawless execution from my own kitchen. Not only was the food exceptionally tasty the presentation was that of a 5 star restaurant. I literally felt like I was out on the town except I was in the comfort of my dining room. The seared scallops where amazing and the mushroom puree took it to the next level, the rack of lamb with herb crust and filet mignon was so perfect it was still tender and juicy the next day! All paired with a freshly peeled and baked del monico potatoes! My taste buds have officially been awakened. 

Chef Snipe was also a pleasure to work with. He was extremely professional and accommodating, making everything to our liking, ensuring our satisfaction and was even kind enough to gift us with his signature compound butters. If you looking to try something different, spruce up an event, or potentially impress your significant other; you should start here first! I’m currently looking for any reason for my husband to hire him again! It was that good.

-Mrs. Craddock

 (May 2016)